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Brewing is a science driven by art and imagination. All the best science is like that. And we take inspiration from those who, likewise, crave curiosity and share its reward. The Thinkers, the Inventors, the Artists, the Explorers.

We consider ourselves fortunate to share these same values with the city of Athens, a community famous for over two centuries of scholarship, innovation, and expression. While our own interests have led us to study the craft of brewing beer, we hope it doesn’t stop there. Read on to learn more about the other programming that has spiraled out of our sense of curiosity and community.

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Get Artistic

Brew For One


The Manifesto

Creature Comforts is dedicated to better being through being curious. From our scientific brewing process to our wide-awake creative impulse to our small-town tenacity, Creature Comforts is driven by the promise that a curious mind leads to better living. We take inspiration from those who crave curiosity and share its reward. The thinkers, the inventors, the artists, the explorers. We feed our curious spirit through the pursuit of finely balanced artisanal beers, and our mission is to light that desire and follow its flame with our consumers. Creature Comforts craves curiosity.