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Our corporate impact strategy favors data over intuition, and the needs of the entire community over any individual cause. This approach has given rise to programming—Get Comfortable and Get Artistic—designed to address our community’s top priorities, as defined by Clarke County’s 20-Year Action Agenda.

However, we wanted to create space to support specific causes as well. We wanted to do for one what we wish we could do for everyone. To address every need. To support every cause. To say yes to every request. Even though we know we can’t.

Our Brew For One (B41) initiative began with the tragic story of one of our former, beloved Creatures named Bob Weckback. Bob was our Head Cellarman before we lost him two years ago, and the beer we subsequently released in his honor was appropriately named Cellarman’s Spirit, as Bob had a warm heart and a giving spirit.

We used the profits from the 2018 batch of Cellarman’s Spirit to seed a college fund for Bob’s son. But it was our 2019 batch that gave rise to the Brew For One concept. Thus every year moving forward, the B41 program will identify a rotating cause, which we’ll spotlight in the spring. We’ll then brew a special beer and leverage its profits to support a beneficiary related to that field.

We figured it was the least we could do to continue to honor the noble spirit of Bob Weckback, as well as to steer dollars to other noble, compelling, and important work taking place around our state.