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Our corporate impact strategy favors data over intuition, and the needs of the entire community over any individual cause. This approach has given rise to programming designed to address our community’s top priorities—Get Comfortable and Get Artistic—as defined by Clarke County’s 20-Year Action Agenda.

However, we want to create space to support individuals as well. To address every need. To support every cause. To say yes to every request. Even though we know we can’t. But we can do for one what we wish we could do for everyone.

The Brew For One initiative began with the tragic story of one of our beloved Creatures named Bob Weckback. Bob was our Head Cellarman before we lost him 3 years ago, and the beer we released in his honor was appropriately named Cellarman’s Spirit. We used the profits from the 2018 release to seed a college fund for Bob’s son. And in 2019, we leveraged the funds we raised to support another noble story that found us (see below).

Beginning in 2020, Brew For One will identify a recipient and develop a new beer brand to capture the essence of that story. 100% of the profits made from the release will then be leveraged to aid that individual in a way that is both memorable and meaningful.