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Applications for the Get Artistic 2020 DIY Fund are open until August 30! You may be thinking…didn’t the Get Artistic grant applications just close? Well, yes! While our Get Artistic grant program focuses on individual artists and arts nonprofits, the DIY Fund is an opportunity specifically for independent artist- or collective-led projects or events in the Athens community.

Think of it this way: while Get Artistic grants help artists deepen their individual art practice—by investing in their time, tools and materials, or professional development—the DIY Fund helps artists go beyond their individual practice through projects or events that are more collaborative in nature.

As with all our Get Artistic initiatives, the DIY Fund aims to build place attachment—to help Athenians love Athens—by empowering local artists to craft meaningful experiences through the arts.



  1. The DIY Fund will award one $2,000 sponsorship.
  2. Funds will be made available in November 2020.
  3. Eligible applicants will be asked to create a science fair-style poster board (provided by us) showcasing your project or event and turn it in to the brewery by Monday, September 21. We will display the poster board in-house and share it in our Digital DIY Fair so that the public can learn about your project. Self-produced projects are challenging to promote to a wide audience, so this is our way to remove that obstacle.


  1. Check that you meet all of the following requirements: you and/or your team or collective are 18+ years old and based in Athens, Georgia, and the project/event you’re seeking funding for is independent (i.e. not in direct affiliation with a nonprofit agency or commercial business).
  2. Gather the following information in a place you can easily reference it or copy/paste it, as you can’t save your application in progress: contact info (name, phone, email, website/social media); a description of the project/event; a description of how you’d utilize Get Artistic funds; information about any recent collaborations with other artists or nonprofit agencies. All questions have a 500 character response limit.
  3. When you’re ready, head over to the application form. The deadline to apply is August 30, 2020.

2019 DIY winner: tinyATH Gallery

tinyATH Gallery—a small but mighty exhibition space tucked into a neighborhood creative complex—showcases a different local artist each month. This summer, the gallery has hosted solo shows by Broderick Flanigan, Lisa Freeman, and Will Eskridge, providing exhibition space and promotional assistance in a time when it’s more challenging than ever to connect with art-loving audiences. tinyATH owner Camille Hayes wears the many DIY hats of curator, art preparator, and gallery attendant— on top of managing her own painting practice, freelance graphic design business, and work as a public relations professional! It’s folks like Camille who leverage their time and talents to elevate others that make Athens a truly special place to be. tinyATH’s next socially distanced gallery opening will be on August 14 featuring art by James Burns. You can also email the gallery to schedule a private viewing appointment.  Check out tinyATH on Instagram or Facebook!

All images courtesy of tinyATH Gallery. Header image features artwork by Will Eskridge (summer 2020).

Questions? Send an email to [email protected]. Don’t forget to join the Get Artistic newsletter for regular updates on exhibitions, events, and other opportunities!