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Downtown Tasting Room

March 27, 2019 | 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

271 W. Hancock Avenue
Athens, GA 30601

Community Lecture: Rebecca Rutstein
UGA Delta Visiting Chair for Global Understanding

In partnership with UGA’s Willson Center for Humanities & Arts and Get Artistic, we are excited to host Rebecca Rutstein, an artist whose work spans painting, sculpture, installation, and public art and explores abstraction inspired by science, data, and maps.

The forms in her sculpture and paintings is inspired by the hydrocarbon structures and bioluminescence, as Rutstein takes inspiration from ocean exploration. Most recently, she attended an expedition aboard Alvin, a U.S. Navy submersible vessel designed for extreme deep sea exploration. Last October, Rutstein made her first descent in Alvin to the ocean floor off of the Pacific coast of Costa Rica with a team of scientists from Temple University.

In the process of creating works inspired by geology, microbiology, and marine science, Rutstein has collaborated with scientists aboard research vessels sailing from the Galápagos Islands to California, Vietnam to Guam, and in the waters surrounding Tahiti. She has exhibited widely in museums, institutions and galleries, and has received numerous awards including the prestigious Pew Fellowship in the Arts. She has held more than 25 solo exhibitions at venues across the United States.

This is our first Get Artistic community enrichment lecture. We will be tapping a very special keg to celebrate. The lecture begins promptly at 4:00.

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