We at Creature Comforts acknowledge the obstacles to becoming a self-supporting professional artist in today’s market, and therefore wish to participate in a way that helps remove some of these barriers. In concert with our commitment to this community, we’re launching the Get Artistic initiative in June 2018 to support the arts in its many forms—visual art, performance, music, writing—with an initial emphasis on local art.

Get Artistic Events


The Vision


Talking Philanthropy with Matt Stevens

Thank you to everyone who joined us last Wednesday for the launch of Get Comfortable 2018! We are now excited to host our first Community Wednesday this week, and release our Get Comfortable IPA in 16oz cans at the brewery tomorrow. This is the 2018 installment of our Get Comfortable IPA, which is a hop-forward India… View Article

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organic/mechanic exhibition

organic/mechanic Cyanotypes by Holly Roman On view Tuesday, January 9 – Sunday, February 4  organic/mechanic was created from a small selection of x-rays from the operating room of local surgeon Chip Ogburn. Ogburn is an Orthopedic Trauma Surgeon, which encompasses hardware implementation and reconstruction of fracture work; simply, when bones break, Ogburn puts them back… View Article

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Get Comfortable 2018

Since opening our doors in 2014, we have aspired to leverage our brand and our people to add value to the Athens community. With a commitment to community being one of our founding pillars, we created the Get Comfortable campaign in order to work alongside local nonprofits who address the community’s most pressing needs.

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