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We acknowledge the obstacles that independent artists must overcome to promote their creativity, and we wish to help remove as many as we can. As a component of our community impact strategy, we launched the Get Artistic initiative in June 2018 in the hopes of helping sustain the vibrance of Athens, Georgia’s creative community.

While Get Comfortable is focused on helping people survive, Get Artistic is committed to helping others thrive. We believe these outcomes—surviving and thriving—are two halves to a whole, both necessary to foster a healthy community.

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An Interview with Get Comfortable Partner, Friends of Refugees

Back in May, we were able to distribute $135,000 to nine different Get Comfortable agency partners. Recently, we sat down with Jim Neal to discuss how Friends of Refugees is adjusting to this ‘new normal’ and the impact the funds have had.

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The Creative Process + Corporate Responsibility: Thoughts from Artist-in-Residence Abigail West

Our Get Artistic Artist-in-Residence, Abigail West, shared her thoughts on her creative process with hard-to-recycle materials, as well as what companies can do to reduce their environmental footprint to save our planet.

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Artist-in-Residence: Step-by-Step Guide for Creative Upcycling at Home

Need to decorate for a celebration, or simply an excuse to celebrate? Check out this step-by-step guide for how to use common household materials to make zero waste streamers, written by Get Artistic Artist-in-Residence Abigail West!

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