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We acknowledge the obstacles to becoming a self-supporting artist in today’s market, and therefore wish to help remove as many as we can. In concert with our commitment to this community, we launched the Get Artistic initiative in June 2018 to support the arts in its many forms—visual art, performance, music, media, and creative writing—with a special emphasis on the local arts community.

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Get Comfortable 2019: The Stats and the Story

Want to see what happens when the local businesses in a community create a unified plan to address its greatest needs? Grab a tissue and take a look. Drink up. Do good. Give back. #GetComfortable

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Support Those who Support our City

How can you support the businesses who support our city? Take a look, and know there are MANY ways to contribute to this benevolence fund, 100% of which we’ll give away to the nonprofit community at the end of 2019.

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Get Comfortable 2019 Celebration

We wrapped the 2019 season of our Get Comfortable campaign on November 13th. This year-round campaign generated $351,841 for our 9 agency partners located in the Athens community. Click here to read on.

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