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“If you are trying to build a community, you need the arts at the community development table.”
-Jason Schupbach, Director at the National Endowment for the Arts

The Mission

Place attachment theory—which describes the emotional bond between a person and a place—suggests that the more an individual comes to love their city, the greater their eventual civic engagement. Using Clarke County’s 20-Year Action Agenda as our guide, Get Artistic is our community development program designed to foster place attachment by investing in the creative economy.

Specifically, this program supports the local arts community through the following efforts:

  1. Time: Participating in arts advocacy forums: CREATE Athens; Athens Cultural Affairs Commission; Georgia Council for the Arts
  2. Space: Curating onsite exhibitions, performances, and arts enrichment
  3. Money: Acting as a patron and grantmaker to support nonprofit and public arts programming, as well as the professional development of individual artists

The Method

Get Artistic grant funding is generated through specific beer brands, merchandise, events, as well as a percentage of onsite exhibition sales. Each year, prior to the Get Artistic season of emphasis and product release, we publish a strategic grant proposal to promote opportunities for local artists to both continue their work and sustain their livelihood.

Questions? Please email [email protected].

The Calendar

2020 Advisory Council

Meet the local community leaders and arts professionals who will review this year’s partner proposals (deadline to apply: July 17, 2020).