Support the businesses who support Get Comfortable!

The Mission

We acknowledge the obstacles to becoming a self-supporting artist in today’s market, and we therefore wish to participate in a way that helps remove some of these barriers. In concert with our commitment to this community, we’re launching the Get Artistic initiative in June 2018 to support the arts in its many forms.

Specifically, this program aims to serve artists by supplying four main avenues of support:

  1. Curated exhibition and performance space onsite
  2. Strategic grant proposals
  3. Long-term patronage (e.g., artists-in-residence)
  4. Enrichment opportunities for the arts community (e.g., sponsored collaborations, workshops)

Finally, we seek to develop relationships with arts organizations and venues within our markets to affirm that we are a company who ‘walks our talk’—partnering with our city and committed to help others to pursue their passion.

The Method

Get Artistic program funding will be generated through forthcoming beer brands, merchandise, and ‘2nd Sunday’ Tasting Room percentage events. Once a baseline funding target is hit, we will be publishing here a variety of grant proposals that aim to create opportunities for local artists to both continue their work and sustain their livelihood.

Keep an eye on this site for updates as our Get Artistic programming launch nears.