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Visit our Brewery

In addition to contributing directly, 100% of our profits made during every “Community Wednesday” between January 10th – April 4th will go into the Get Comfortable fund. So just visiting our taproom on Wednesdays and buying draft or to-go beer, as well as any merchandise, will help the cause. Also, if you’re curious, you can meet reps from our nonprofit partners and visit our interactive booths on these nights as well to participate in strategic projects. So come out. Drink up. Do Good.

Support our Business Partners

Click here to read how local businesses are leveraging their products and profits to support Get Comfortable. Help them help us help Athens!

Get Comfortable IPA

We’ve brought back our popular Get Comfortable IPA in 2018. Wherever you see it—in our taproom or at your favorite bar or restaurant—know that profits from these sales go straight into the Get Comfortable fund, which is housed and managed by our friends at the Athens Area Community Foundation.

Get Comfortable Merchandise

In addition to donating Wednesday profits and our IPA, we’re also donating 100% of the profits from any Get Comfortable merchandise sales. You can purchase items at the brewery or click here to shop our online store.

Leverage Your Age

Make a gift out of your birthday! We want our customers thinking about what they can leverage to serve Athens during this year’s campaign. So if you celebrate your birthday at the brewery, make sure you tell us how old you are that day and we’ll contribute that many dollars to the Get Comfortable fund—for instance, we’d contribute $30 on somebody’s 30th birthday. Make sense? #leverAGE

Leverage Your Time

Since nonprofit representatives will be at the brewery on our Community Wednesdays, feel free to ask questions about volunteer opportunities at their agency. You can also ask our taproom staff about Get Comfortable no matter when you pop by the brewery.

Are you a business?

A major part of what drives the success of our Get Comfortable campaign is participation from the business community. Whether your establishment pours Creature Comforts beer or not—or whether you’re in the beverage industry at all—we hope you’ll be inspired to join the initiative. We think we’ve made your participation as simple as possible. If interested, please contact us at [email protected].