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Aligning a Community

Because the need is great and the social landscape dynamic, we believe everyone should have a plan to support the city they love. Isolated philanthropy is admirable—crucial, even—but aligning the impact strategies of local organizations is better.

In 2015, Creature Comforts established the Get Comfortable Campaign to make serving simple: to align the business community to resource the agencies meeting our city’s most pressing needs.

4 years and nearly $1 million later, we’re excited about expanding this program in 2020.

2019 Get Comfortable Athens Partner Map

Unlike many other corporate philanthropy strategies, Get Comfortable is:

2020 Campaign

Click here to read the Get Comfortable Athens program brief, which provides a historical program overview as well as highlighting 2020 revisions.

If you represent a local nonprofit agency seeking 2020 Get Comfortable funding, the 2020 Request For Proposals (RFP) closed on October 15, 2019. Agency partner selections will be announced November 14, and the 2020 program will officially launch on February 5, 2020 at our downtown Tasting Room.

Please contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions or wish to get involved.

 2020 Calendar