Support the businesses who support Get Comfortable!

The Mission

Creature Comforts created the Get Comfortable Campaign and Fund in 2014 in order to become a unifying anchor in the business community to help drive awareness, increase engagement, and provide support for local nonprofits who address our community’s most pressing needs.

Based on needs assessment data furnished by United Way of Northeast Georgia, as well as the recommendations of our Advisory Committee of community stakeholders, we will continue to direct our primary support in 2018 to agencies combating homelessness, hunger, and poverty.

2018 Updates

No longer will Get Comfortable be a 5-month high-intensity season of strategic philanthropy, but it will become our primary community impact brand and programming—now a year-round campaign with a pronounced season of emphasis, specifically 90 days in the first quarter of 2018.

We believe this shift will:

  • enable us to become more legitimate and sustained partners to the agencies we select;
  • create a more flexible and recognizable brand for philanthropic engagement year-round;
  • facilitate additional fundraising opportunities;
  • and therefore help enhance all aspects of this program’s mission.

The Calendar