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Since opening in 2014, we have believed that business could be used as a force for good. All it takes is a good product and great customers. 6 years later, through your partnership and participation, together we’ve passed a major milestone in this work. In May 2020, we crested $2 million in total community impact—$2,048,777.18 to be exact.

And when we say “we,” we really mean YOU! Because it was your purchases and contributions, your serving and your generosity that has made a profound impact on this city. Let us count the ways…

Funds raised through worldwide beer collaborations—Resilience, Sonoma Pride, and All Together: $34,811

Bottles of Clean Creature donated throughout the COVID-19 pandemic: 1,284

Number of participating Get Comfortable businesses since 2015 (#shoplocal): 81

Get Comfortable program impact since 2015: $1,262,856

Get Artistic program impact since 2018: $182,264

Number of guest-assembled kit projects distributed to local agencies in 2019: 650

# of years partnering with the Athens Farmers Market to provide easy access to local food: 5

Venmo donations since its introduction in March 2020: $2,388

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Funds raised through the #leverAGE campaign$93,856

If you’ve bought a charitable beer, donated through Venmo, assembled a kit project, served onsite, or patronized a Get Comfortable business, then you are a part of this story.

6 years. $2 million. Countless contributors. We are beyond grateful.