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We believe that investing in the arts is one of the most effective ways to turn residents into citizens. Guided by the growing body of research that suggests a thriving creative economy is a major predictor of place attachment, the win of Get Artistic is to help residents feel happier where they live as a means to inspire greater civic engagement.

Long before Get Artistic was launched in 2018, Creature Comforts was investing in the local creative economy by leveraging our time, space, and money to support local artists’ work and sustain their livelihoods. The works of art listed below are features of Creature Comforts’ art collection assembled since 2014, supported in part by our incredible partners in the community. 


Several of these artworks are currently on view to the public around our Snow Tire brewery and taproom facility in downtown Athens, acting as long-term feature points among our rotating CCBC Gallery exhibitions in the taproom. Others are displayed behind-the-scenes to enhance our employee’s experience in the workplace, reminding us of Creature collaborations with artists on beer labels, t-shirts, and other exciting projects over the years.

Dragonflies by Brian Smith | Assemblage sculptures made of various objects, c. 2014 | Brian Smith is a sculptor based in Athens, GA. View more of his work online or contact him here.

Greetings from Creature Comforts by Taylor Shaw | Acrylic painting on wood panel, commissioned for Creature Comforts’ 5th Anniversary in April 2019 | Taylor Shaw received his MFA from the University of Georgia in 2019. View the artist’s Instagram for examples of his most current work, or visit his website for contact information.

Athens Music History by Anthony Wislar | Mural commissioned in 2016 by LEAD Athens, a program of the Athens Area Chamber of Commerce | Anthony Wislar is based in Athens, GA. Visit his website to view more of his work and for contact information.

Automatic by Michelle Fontaine |  Oil paint on wood panel, commissioned for the Automatic beer label, c. 2015 | Michelle Fontaine is a painter based in Athens, GA. Visit her website to view more of her work and for contact information. (Not yet pictured.)


Our primary production facility, located in a renovated textile mill at Southern Mill, is not currently open to the public. In addition to producing thousands of cans and kegs of beer each year, this space houses the bulk of our administrative team. We’ve hung art here and in our other various office spaces just for Creatures to enjoy!

Sojourners II by Jackie Kirsche |  Acrylic paint and mixed media on a series of six wood panels | Jackie Kirsche is based in Watkinsville, GA. Sojourners II was created for the artist’s CCBC Gallery show in January 2020, which was extended with the changes in our taproom’s operations due to the pandemic. Ultimately hanging in our Snow Tire taproom for six months, Jackie’s artwork became a symbol of hope in the face of disruption and uncertainty, bringing life and color to the taproom while it was closed to the public. Sojourners II now hangs permanently in the offices at Southern Mill. View more of the artist’s work on her website or Instagram.

Images of water, yeast, and hops under a microscope by Jen Holt | Enlarged microscopic photographs | Formerly based in Athens, GA, Jen Holt created these images for an “Earth Month” show in the CCBC Gallery c. 2017 using water, yeast, and hops collected from Creature Comforts. The photographs now live outside the Quality Lab at Southern Mill. (Not yet pictured.)

Double Creature Feature by Tex S. Crawford | Acrylic paint on wood cut-out | Tex S. Crawford is based near Athens, GA. You may recognize this artwork from the Get Artistic local artist t-shirt series released in 2020! (Not yet pictured.)

Arcane Thoughts  by James Greer |  Pencil and pen on vellum paper, commissioned for the Arcane Thoughts label, a 2018 double IPA brewed with local grain and honey in collaboration with Burial Beer Co. (Asheville, NC) | James Greer is based in Athens, GA. View more of James’ work on his blog or Instagram. (Not yet pictured.)

Questions about art at Creature Comforts? Please email [email protected].