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Our Brew For One initiative began in 2017 with the tragic passing of our beloved cellarman, Bob Weckback. The following year, we released a beer aptly named the Cellarman’s Spirit and we used the proceeds to seed a college fund for Bob’s son. 

To memorialize Bob’s generous legacy and to recognize a deserving individual every year, we officially launched Brew For One in 2019. Simply put, Brew For One is an effort to do for one what we wish we could do for everyone.
Every year, Brew For One will identify a recipient, then develop a beer brand to capture the essence of their story. 100% of the profits generated from the release will then be mobilized to aid that individual in a way that is memorable and, we hope, life-changing. 
On March 13th, we released our 2020 Brew For One brand, the Ria Pell Ale—a pale ale brewed to honor the late chef and Atlanta native, Ria Pell. The remarkable life of Ria Pell came to our attention last fall after an event Creature Comforts hosted with the Invisible Histories Project. “IHP led us to Ria’s story, and the more we learned, the better the story got,” said VP of Strategic Impact, Matt Stevens. After meeting Ria’s widow, we discovered the Atlanta Harm Reduction Coalition, a charity Ria championed throughout her life and work in the Atlanta restaurant scene. And through AHRC, we met Yamasheta.
Take a minute to learn more about her story and this program. And for everyone who purchased the Ria Pell Ale this year, you’re a part of this. Cheers to you!