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“Do for one what you wish you could do for everyone.”
-Andy Stanley

Our social impact strategy favors the priorities of the entire community over any individual cause. Using Clarke County’s 20-Year Plan as our guide, this emphasis has given rise to programs like Get Comfortable and Get Artistic, designed to promote broader, community-wide change.

But we wanted to create space to meet more specific needs as well. In fact, we wish we could support every cause. Respond to every emergency. We know we can’t. But we can do for one person what we wish we could do for everyone.

The Brew For One initiative began back in 2017 with the tragic loss of one of our beloved Creatures named Bob Weckback. Bob was our head cellarman before we lost him, and the beer we released in his honor the following year was aptly named the Cellarman’s Spirit. We used the profits from the 2018 release to seed a college fund for Bob’s son.

Since then, Brew For One works to identify a new beneficiary every year and develop a plan to meet some of their most pressing needs—all funded through an annual beer release as well as customer donations. (Every dollar helps!) Track with us on social media every summer to learn who YOU are supporting through your Brew For One purchases.