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The Broadside Exhibition Project: Verse 2

Apply online by June 2, 2019

Top image: “Bewildered + Sequestered” by Jessica Magnarella (text) and Meredith Elder (visuals) for the Broadside Exhibition Project: Verse 1 (2018).
Click here to view mores images from the 2018 Broadside Exhibition Project!

Presented by Get Artistic, The Broadside Exhibition Project is an annual show of curated collaborations between poets and artists. Now in its second year, The Broadside Exhibition Project: Verse 2 will showcase eight illustrated poems by pairs of local creatives in a CCBC Gallery exhibition and Watkinsville public art display, on exhibition July 16 to August 18, 2019. This is an exciting opportunity for artists to work across mediums–from visual art to writing and back–and grow with their community into new creative territory.

What is a broadside? In printing and graphic design, a broadside is simply a single-sided document. Broadsides have been utilized throughout printmaking history for advertisements, posters, and other public notices, but also for more artistic purposes like showcasing poetry or song lyrics. For the purpose of this project, broadsides will be poems illustrated by visual artists. These broadsides provide a uniquely communal experience of a form of art that is typically enjoyed privately and intellectually, as in a book of poetry.

In the pursuit of leveraging our business to remove barriers for working artists, Get Artistic aims to create opportunities for Creature Comforts’ community and consumers to connect with art in dynamic ways. When we bring people together, with art and with beer, we strengthen our community bonds and enliven our creative spirit. This is why The Broadside Exhibition Project is one-part gallery show, one-part public art project.

Thank you to our partners, whose support makes this project possible:

  • The K.A. Artist Shop is generously sponsoring this project by creating digital scans of all the original works of art. Prints will be sold online exclusively through the shop.
  • Through a partnership with the Oconee Cultural Arts Foundation (OCAF), poster-sized prints of the broadsides will be displayed in the Watkinsville Woods as the summer installment of Art in the Park. The 6-acre park is located approximately 1-mi from OCAF, or about 20 minutes from Creature Comforts’ Downtown Taproom.

Applications are open online through Sunday, June 2, 2019. Click here for the application information document and here to view the online application.

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