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Organized by Creature Comforts’ Get Artistic programThe Broadside Exhibition Project is an annual show of curated collaborations between poets and artists. The project’s first iteration, verse 1, will be displayed across multiple locations around Athens, GA beginning on March 8, 2018, running in the CCBC Tasting Room through April 1, 2018.

What is a broadside? At first glance, a broadside reads as a poster: a large print featuring a combination of text and images that is, significantly, displayed in a public space. However, broadsides serve an artistic purpose beyond the didactic utility of posters. Broadsides provide a uniquely communal experience of a form of art that is typically enjoyed privately and intellectually, as in a book of poetry.

One part gallery show, one part public art project, verse 1 originals will be displayed in the CCBC Gallery (available for purchase), while poster-sized reproductions will be installed around Athens through April 1, 2018, after which they will be on exhibition at Hendershot’s until the end of April.

Collaborating poets (left) and artists (right) are listed below:

  • Carly Landa and Rebecca Atkins
  • Claire Cronin and Hannah Burton
  • Don Ellington and Lois Songster
  • Frank Montesonti and Chris Taylor
  • Hayley Brooks and Hannah Betzel
  • Jacob Porter and Adam Toksoz
  • Jake Syersak and Katie McCullough
  • Jessica Kirby and Anna Lee Shultz
  • Jessica Magnarella and Meredith Elder
  • Marcus Keith and Gunnar Tarsa
  • Morgan Lawrence and Melissa Harshman
  • Ray Lee and Caroline Potterf
  • Sam Sutlive and Phillip McClure
  • Thomas Loudermilk and Jeanne Whatley
  • Thomas May and Ruth Allen

The Get Artistic program aims to create opportunities for Creature Comforts’ community and consumers to connect with art in dynamic ways. Get Artistic brings people together, with art and with beer, in order to strengthen our community bonds and enliven our creative spirit.