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On view in the CCBC Gallery March 24 to May 15, 2022
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EVENT: Meet the Artist: Carolyn Schew on May 15!

Carolyn Suzanne Schew is a Philadelphia-native multi-disciplinary artist who moved to Athens in July 2021. A scientist by education, she graduated from Temple University in 2018 with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. Her professional life has been diverse, ranging from bicycle courier to veterinary technician, zookeeper, research assistant in a deep-sea coral laboratory, biomedical researcher, and even stable hand to an Olympic equestrian in Belgium. While she has been an artist since childhood, she believes her non-traditional entry into the arts as an adult has imbued her with invaluable naivete concerning process, form, color, and style.

Her work revolves around the concept of daydreams, exploring the construction of a Somewhere Else: an idealistic Eden of the mind outside of reality’s reach. A Somewhere Else is a place we may go to imagine possibilities, seek shelter from the oppression of physical existence, experiment with limitlessness, and find the magic to bring back to the present. It can be a place to ask big questions and find big answers. 

While Somewhere Else can look and feel different from day to day or minute to minute, the works included depict scenes from desert landscapes and include many animals: a reflection of sunburnt travels to the Southwest and a constant presence of animal life. Synthesized in technicolor, these daydreams on display juxtapose the conflict and harmony between what we can imagine and what we can do. 

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