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Creatures of the Night

Featuring designs by Elinor Saragoussi
On view October 8–November 3, 2019

Presented by Get Artistic, Creatures of the Night is a Halloween-inspired installation of creepy creature silhouettes. Artists’ sketches are turned into larger-than-life paper cut-outs that are glued (using rice paste) onto Creature Comforts’ tasting room walls for the month of October. This year’s show features nearly a dozen fantastical creature designs by Athens-based artist Elinor Saragoussi. Saragoussi will also create the awards and stage decor for the 6th annual Creepy Creature Costume Contest (October 31 at Creature Comforts).

Elinor Saragoussi is an illustrator, designer, textile artist and musician in Athens, GA. View her work on her website or on Instagram.

Creepy creature silhouettes designed by Elinor Saragoussi

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