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CCBC Gallery: A Day in the Woods
On view and for sale August 1 to September 4, 2022

Also featured: an outdoor collection of new, original paintings,  Garden Creatures, now permanently on view in the courtyard at Snow Tire!

EVENT: Meet the Artist: Sarah Flinn, August 28 (3-5:00 PM)! Advance registration encouraged.

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Sarah Flinn is an Athens-based artist whose work shines light on the love and connection humans share with animals. Best known for her photo-realistic animal portraiture, the artist imbues each subject with a spirited personality expressed through sparkling eyes and striking body language. Flinn also explores more fantastical representations of nature, using bright colors and invented creatures to depict the wacky world of her imagination. A Day in the Woods features twenty-five new, original paintings on canvas and panel that merge these stylistic approaches and showcase a venture into landscape art.

“Though I am surrounded by my own world of animals and nature everyday, I thought it would be fun to visit the homes of some neighboring feathered and furry friends and capture what they were up to. Sweet Olive Farm and Bear Hollow Zoo were kind enough to invite me in for a day of exploration, photos and cuddling!”

The collection also features the artist’s first attempt at painting landscapes, both in complement to the animal portraits and as stand-alone works of art. “I typically stray away from backgrounds and edge to edge painting, sticking to the main subjects. Along with the added complexity in the compositions, I wanted to use beautiful, vibrant colors to represent the joy these animals bring to the world!”

In addition to the indoor show, Flinn created a collection of original wood cut-out paintings, Garden Creatures, on view in the courtyard outside the taproom. This collection draws on the artist’s background as a professional scenic painter, merging art with the environment to create an immersive experience for the viewer. We’re excited to share that Creature Comforts has purchased all of this artwork to permanently showcase!

Find more of the artist’s work online:
Instagram | Website