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Sustainability is the pursuit to solve the problems of today without robbing the resources of tomorrow. So as we celebrate Earth Day’s Golden Anniversary, we invite you to raise a glass of good cold beer to our lovely planet and learn a bit about how we’re working to up our green game here at Creature Comforts.

Alternative Energy

  • We’re proud to announce that we are now taking part in Georgia Power’s Customer Renewable Supply Procurement Program. Starting this month, we will purchase roughly 100,000 kWh per month of renewable energy credits from Georgia Power. These renewable energy credits will offset up to 61% of our electrical energy demand, significantly lowering our scope 2 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.


  • Water is one of beer’s most important ingredients. At both our Southern Mill and Snow Tire production facilities, we utilize top-of-the-line Krones canning equipment to up our efficiency and reduce our resources.


  • When we opened our Southern Mill facility, we made the decision to centrifuge our beer instead of utilizing diatomaceous earth (DE) filtration. All technical jargon aside, by cutting down our need for DE, we’ve greatly reduced our waste stream inputs and overall landfill imprint.
  • While waste is inevitable, we’re actively working toward achieving zero-waste at our facilities. Here are a few waste reduction initiatives taking place at Creature Comforts:
    • Spent grain typically accounts for 90% of our brewery’s waste. Last month alone, we diverted over 300,000 pounds of spent grain from the landfill, which went to feed livestock at a local farm. Consequently, our spent grain diversion rate was 99% for the month of March.
    • Through our Artist in Residence (AiR) program, creative waste specialist Abigail West will be converting hard-to-recycle materials—think plastic gloves, grain bags, etc.—into functional art. Her work will be on exhibition in the CCBC Gallery this summer.
    • We have source-reduced our beer packaging both by using less aluminum in can lids, and by switching many of our beer releases from plastic 6-pack holders to cardboard boxes.
    • In both our taproom and office spaces, we prioritize recycling and composting over the landfill.

We’re committed to both our local and global community, and we’ll continue to do our part so you can be proud to hold a Creature Comforts beer in your hand.

Happy 50th Earth Day, y’all!