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 Curiosity Cabinet Design Competition

On view in the CCBC Gallery July 1 to August 1, 2021

Featuring designs by Abby Kacen (Design #1), Carey McComas (Design #5), Maria Ava Totina Ramos (Design #4), Bryce Schuebert (Design #2), and R.L. Edmondson Vance (Design #3)

Cheers to R.L. Edmondson Vance for winning the Curiosity Cabinet Design Competition! Vance’s artwork (Design #3 below) was selected by an internal selection panel comprised of Creature Comforts employees, weighing public votes cast between July 1-15. Keep an eye out for the Curiosity Cabinet at our downtown Athens taproom this fall!

RL Edmondson Vance is a mixed media artist based in Athens, GA whose work explores feminism and the self. Her work is inspired by pre-history and antiquity, pop culture, nature, the cosmos, and her own experience with facial trauma.

We believe good companies are good neighbors. Over the years, the Creature family has restocked Little Free Libraries in Athens, Georgia to ensure continued free access to books for our neighbors. To live into our value of Crave Curiosity, we want to bring the fun to our taproom guests, too. Introducing… The Curiosity Cabinet: a Little Free Library-inspired hub in the garden at our Snow Tire taproom! The Curiosity Cabinet will be stocked with books and other resources we find inspiring and informative in our pursuit of excellent beer and effective service to our community.

The designs displayed in the CCBC Gallery are finalists in the Curiosity Cabinet Design Competition, submitted in response to a public call for artists issued in April 2021. A cross-functional team of Creature Comforts employees will identify the winning artist, and we’d like to know what you think about the designs! Click this link to help our our Creature team by ranking your favorite designs (deadline to vote: July 15).

Artists had the option to use our Curiosity Cabinet Design Template (pictured below) or to submit their own original designs. The winning artist will receive a stipend to support the creation of their Curiosity Cabinet: $350 for designs using our Curiosity Cabinet Design Template (which we’ll build for the artist), or $550 for original designs that the artist will build themselves.

Artists were given no design guidelines other than this prompt: how does your design express Creature Comforts’ value of Crave Curiosity? Find the artists’ responses and their designs below.

Design #1: Abby Kacen

Website | Instagram
Design Title: Stay Curious
Materials: latex, acrylic, and spray paint

“The Stay Curious cabinet incorporates abstract expressionism, flat cartooning style, and bold colors to invite viewers to look past the cabinet as a house for books and see the work as a whole piece of art that has an enticing flow. Abstraction combined with subjective characters gives the viewer a ground to enter on, but the myriad of colors creates new forms in the viewer’s eyes. One should be open and curious to allow themselves to get lost in the warm ocean of color.”

Design #2: Bryce Schuebert & Dominique Roth

Dominique Roth: InstagramWebsite
Design Title: Little Creature
Materials: garage bearings, metal bars, clear acrylic, magnets, handles, plywood

“Little Creature was created out of a personal challenge between my partner/incredible local artist Dominique Roth and me, an engineer, to see if we could work together using our separate talents to make something unique yet practical. Using the iconic tire factory as a starting point, I wanted to change the way curious minds could gain access to the community library, and this led to the design of two garage-like doors in place of the traditional swinging door. As for the artwork, Dominique decided that the art must be as colorful and surreal as the books within the cabinet. Our hope is that potential readers will not only notice Little Creature but that their curiosity will drive them to explore what’s inside.”

Design #3: R.L. Edmondson Vance

*Winning design

Website | Instagram
Design Title: Knowledge Nonsense Goddess
Materials: Acrylic paint and sealant, UV acrylic protector, waterproof glue, screws, Small 1”x2” or 1”x1” wood scrap for owl, silicone or waterproof caulk, metallic gold paint for details and accents.

“The main goddess figure rises above a skyline of Athens, GA and reaches out to find what she can, curious complacency in her face. Her hands come to rest on the glass frame, arriving to pick through the contents of the curiosity cabinet. Around her are figures seeking out their own curiosities. “Hello!”, one says, looking toward the goddess. Another small figure with “knowledge” written on their clothes, floating, seemingly gaining this ability from new found insight. On Thebes roof of the cabinet is perched a small owl, a symbol of both Athena and wisdom. At its feet are the words “nonsense”, represented a playful curiosity.”

Design #4: Maria Ava Totina Ramos

Find the artist’s work on Instagram with the hashtags #CowgirlTheFlowerBear & #RamosStudioGa

Design Title: Cowgirl The Flower Bears Garden of Knowledge and Wonder
Materials: cloth ribbon dipped in varnish for long haul wear and UV protection, Beads, wire & little toys

“The fabrication of flowers will hopefully encourage folks to walk over to the cabinet to explore the textures. Within the folds of fabric small bead and wire critters will be nestled further enticing exploration of the flowery world. The critters will be enacting scenes of benevolence. Cowgirl The Flower Bear is a character around town who pops up with random acts of joy.”


Design #5: Carey McComas

Website | Instagram
Design Title: Curiously Comfortable
Materials: Cedar, walnut, epoxy, nails, screws, and glues, a little bit of cold brew, and love

“With a couple of days until the deadline I poured all my being into a curious design. I did incorporate as much Creature Comforts into the design as possible. I used a bit of Japanese architecture.”

SIDE A: Only Side A is displayed in the CCBC Gallery.