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An exhibition of paintings and prints by David Hale
On view in the CCBC Gallery June 19 – July 29, 2018

Reception: Thursday, June 28, 2018, 6:00 – 9:00 pm
Meet the Artist (ft. a hands-on workshop*): Thursday, July 19, 2018

David Hale is a Georgia-born, Athens-based artist working under his studio name, Love Hawk. Though he is best known for his deeply spiritual tattooing practice, Hale has shifted his focus to painting and printmaking over the last year. The paintings on view are all new, most created between April and June 2018. Each of the prints are part of very small editions (fewer than seven), but each features unique, hand-drawn elements or custom colors. All frames and mounts were handmade by the artist.

The artwork will be for sale exclusively through our online merchandise shop, with 10% of total proceeds to benefit our newest community impact program, Get Artistic.

Learn more about David Hale’s artwork online.

*Details about the Meet the Artist event will be announced in early July. To stay updated, follow Creature Comforts on social media, or check back here soon.

Artist Statement on Vessel:

: vessel :

every seed
came from
a seed

every life
came from
a life



This body of work came out of a great emptying and a great replenishment. I believe we and all of Creation are inherently vessels, and this body of work is a testament to that nature. There exists no greater calling than to be a container; to properly fulfill this role one must be willing to be hollow in order to be full. My role in these pieces of art was just as a vessel for their creation, and they are vessels within themselves.

One act of creation is a reflection of all of Creation. It is no coincidence that so much that is seen here is somewhere between: plant, animal, human, and Spirit; here between these worlds is where we remember that we are not just bystanders to Creation but actually woven into and throughout this ever-present and infinite tapestry that is Existence. I hope this work of my hands and Heart is a reminder that life came from Life, as light from Light, and this Cycle is unending. I am ever-grateful to be a vessel. 
-David Hale