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While our Get Artistic grant program supports arts nonprofits and individual artists’ practices, the DIY Fund is an opportunity specifically for independent artist- or collective-led projects that serve the Athens community.

Think of it this way: while the Get Artistic grant program help artists deepen their individual art practice—by investing in their time, tools and materials, or professional development—the DIY Fund helps artists go beyond their individual practice through projects or events that are more collaborative in nature.

As with all our Get Artistic initiatives, the DIY Fund aims to build place attachment—to help Athenians love Athens—by empowering local artists to craft meaningful experiences through the arts.


  1. The DIY Fund will award one $2,000 sponsorship to one of the DIY Fund finalists.
  2. Finalists’ projects will be showcased in socially distanced, science fair-style DIY Fair events (October 7 & October 14, 6-8:00 PM at Creature Comforts) as well as online. Self-produced projects are challenging to promote to a wide audience, so this is our way to remove that obstacle.
  3. Get involved: To encourage the sense of civic engagement that comes with place attachment, we’ll collect votes for Athenians’ favorite DIY projects from October 7 to 18! The votes will help inform Creature Comforts’ selection of the DIY Fund winner, to be announced at the Get Artistic Wrap Event on October 21.

Classic City Wax 2

Congratulations to Montu Miller, organizer of Classic City Wax 2! The second in the “Classic City Wax” series, this vinyl compilation album will feature performers from Athens’ dynamic hip hop community, serving as a time capsule for the current music scene. Athens’ hip hop scene is well established and growing, yet Athens’ reputation as an indie rock-dominated town overshadows the local talent from other genres.

If Athens is going to be called a music town, Montu says, “It needs to be for the whole music scene. Not just for indie rock. We want to open it up and let people know that hip hop is here, we’re not going anywhere.”

Classic City Wax, therefore, serves as a platform for underrepresented artists and aims to shift the narrative about music in Athens to be more inclusive of the diverse sounds of our city. This “Athens-centric” project will feature a dozen local musicians, recorded locally, with 500 vinyl albums to be pressed by Kindercore.


We’re thrilled to share this year’s Get Artistic DIY Fund finalists! These artist-led projects represent Athens’ diverse creative community, from hip hop to clowning and beyond.

Enlightened Media Productions’ Untitled Workers Center Video: Enlightened Media Productions (Below Baldwin, 2019) is planning a short film advocating for the need for a Workers Center in Athens. The film will include local interviews and an original music score.

The League of Step: Founded by Torrance Wilcher (also known as hip hop artist Squalle), The League of Step is a studio where children learn the art of step. Through step classes, mentorship, and tutoring, the League of Step’s focus is to better the community by investing in the wellbeing of its children.

The Mental Hearth: Led by artist Nate Mullet, The Mental Hearth is a series of online interviews with local artists that explores the role of mental health in artists’ daily lives and in their artwork.

Paint it Pink: Led by Morgan King, Paint it Pink is a series of public events in which the artist’s clown persona, The Pink Flamingo of Athens, will present paint and canvases to people on the streets of Athens and encourage public art-making. The resulting paintings will be exhibited as a collection in the future.

tacky! Magazine: Led by Aaron Mosby and Emily Unwin, tacky! Magazine celebrates marginalized and diverse artists of Athens, Georgia. New digital issues highlighting local artists will be published monthly. Ultimately, the magazine will be run by an equitably paid board of artists working in a shared space in Athens.

2019 DIY FUND WINNNER: tinyATH Gallery

tinyATH Gallery—a small but mighty exhibition space tucked into a neighborhood creative complex—showcases a different local artist each month. This summer, the gallery has hosted solo shows by Broderick Flanigan, Lisa Freeman, and Will Eskridge, providing exhibition space and promotional assistance in a time when it’s more challenging than ever to connect with art-loving audiences. tinyATH owner Camille Hayes wears the many DIY hats of curator, art preparator, and gallery attendant— on top of managing her own painting practice, freelance graphic design business, and work as a public relations professional! It’s folks like Camille who leverage their time and talents to elevate others that make Athens a truly special place to be. tinyATH’s next socially distanced gallery opening will be on August 14 featuring art by James Burns. You can also email the gallery to schedule a private viewing appointment.  Check out tinyATH on Instagram or Facebook!

All images courtesy of tinyATH Gallery. Header image features artwork by Will Eskridge (summer 2020).

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