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En Plein Air
An exhibition of watercolor paintings created at Bartram Trail Farm in partnership with Pinto Art Supplies
On view in the CCBC Gallery April 11 – June 2, 2019

Artwork by Alice Pruitt, Katherine Schuber, Margaret Agner, Mary Ann Cox, Olivia Carlisle, Susie Burch, and Viviane Van Giesen

All of the artwork on view is for sale at the brewery through June 2 with a small percentage of proceeds benefiting the Get Artistic nonprofit program. For purchase inquiries, please email [email protected].

EVENT: Meet the Artists: Plein Air Painters + Pinto Art Supplies, Sunday, May 5 from 3:00–5:00

With reliable mass-produced art products so readily available around the globe, it is rare today for an artist to make their own paints. Athens, Georgia is home to an exception in Pinto Art Supplies, a duo of artists-turned-artisans who hand-make watercolor paints and reclaimed wood paintbrushes. Pinto Art Supplies partnered with the Get Artistic program to provide seven local watercolor painters with the supplies they needed to create the paintings on view in the CCBC Gallery. The artists, all of whom are active with the Athens Area Plein Air Artists group, created these paintings in a single sitting en plein air (outdoors) at Bartram Trail Farm. The boutique farm supplies unusual produce to chefs, such as Peter Dale at The National (Athens) and Ryan Smith at Staplehouse (Atlanta). Run by Scott and Jason Jones, Bartram Trail Farm has also provided some ingredients for specialty Creature Comforts beer over the years, and even exhibited a series of their farm photography in the CCBC Gallery in fall 2017.

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