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“If you push back from good feedback, you push back from a better version of yourself.”
-Adam Johnson

As you know, Creature Comforts exists to create opportunities for human connection. Why? Because we believe we are better together. We rely upon one another—our leaders, our colleagues, and our direct reports—to provide the support and the challenge that helps us to improve, and ultimately to thrive. Moreover, we need both old guardrails and new insights to win. And we’ve learned that the next suggestion that’ll propel this company forward can come from anywhere. “The best idea wins.”

Through trust, mutual respect, and good feedback, we’ll continue to gain the respect of our industry and position ourselves to navigate the trickiest obstacles ahead, which is why we’ve created this page. We want to provide a forum to capture good feedback.

Before sending an email below, however, here are the actions that would ideally come beforehand.

  1. With any question, concern, or suggestion, the first stop should always be your direct supervisor. The most productive feedback always comes from an honest, professional face-to-face conversation. Start here.
  2. If, given the situation, you are unable to approach your manager directly, the next stop should be to contact our Director of Culture (and HR Lead), Jenn Sloan. Click here to send Jenn an email.
  3. You also have the option of discussing how to bring healthy, respectful challenge by leveraging our relationship with our GiANT Leadership Consultant, Chris Ediger, who keeps office hours once a month while he’s in town. Click here to schedule an appointment during Chris’ next GiANT Friday.
  4. If the above options aren’t feasible, you are also welcome to contact our VP of Strategic Impact, Matt Stevens. Click here to send Matt an email.
  5. You can even reach out to our CEO, Chris Herron, directly. Click here to send Chris an email.
  6. And if, having considered the steps above, you still believe a feedback email is the best path forward, click here to send an email detailing your question, insight, or idea, which will go to a consortium of our leaders for group discussion.

We cannot make progress without connection, and therefore any anonymous e-mails will unfortunately have to be discarded, as we’ve learned over the years that critique without accountability truncates one’s ability to fully understand, and therefore address, the situation.