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Unprecedented. Uncertain. Challenging. 

We hear these words as we scroll through social media, listen to the evening news, and converse with our family and friends. For the past several months, the global pandemic has turned life as we know it upside down. 

In the interest of mobilizing Get Comfortable during this crises, we decided back in March to pivot the typical rhythm of the program in order to make funds available to our agency beneficiaries now, rather than withholding monetary distributions until December. This pivot involved a big April fundraising effort where we engaged our business partners, directed drive-thru tipping to Get Comfortable, and created a Venmo account to make direct donations possible.​

As a result of these fundraising efforts, we’re excited to share that we were able to distribute $135,000 to our partner agencies in May 2020! 

While we typically distribute checks face-to-face to celebrate our hometown heroes, we had to get creative in light of the times. Therefore, several Creatures decked out their cars in posters and balloons to surprise our agency partners with big checks—both physically and financially. In some cases, we even scheduled impromptu Zoom calls with agency partners to present the checks in another fun, socially distant manner. 

To everyone who bought the Get Comfortable IPA, left a tip at the drive-thru, contributed through Venmo, or supported one of our 60 business partners this year, you’re a part of this story!

Way to do Good. Give Back. And #GetComfortable!