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We’re excited to share the first-ever Get Artistic t-shirt series with you! All three shirts were designed by artists in the Athens area: Elinor Saragoussi, Chris Xavier, and Tex S. Crawford. The shirts will be available for purchase via pre-sale online from July 30 to August 13, 2020. A limited quantity of shirts will be for sale at the brewery and online starting on August 22.

100% of Creature Comforts’ profits from this t-shirt go to the Get Artistic fund, which supports the local arts community through strategic grant opportunities designed to foster place attachment. We’re deeply grateful to these artists for lending us their time, talent, and creativity to help create more opportunities for local creatives in the future. 

Each year, Get Artistic grant funds are raised primarily through the sale of the Get Artistic beer and merchandise available during the program’s season of emphasis (August – October). You can also contribute directly to the program through Venmo or make a tax-deductible donation to the fund at the Athens Area Community Foundation. Curious exactly how your dollars help local artists? Click here to learn more about this year’s Get Artistic grant recipients


Elinor Saragoussi, from Denver, Colorado, has been living in the Athens, GA area for almost three years. She works with a variety of mediums, including felt, set design/installation, and illustration to create fantastical, colorful works. Elinor has a biology degree from the University of Colorado, and is also a musician who sings and plays bass in her bands Baby Tony and The Teenies and Sicky Vicky. Elinor’s recent work includes an installation at the Glass Cube at Hotel Indigo, a banner she designed for a public art project supported by the Athens Area Arts Council and the Athens Downtown Development Authority, an installation in the small sculpture case at the Lyndon House Arts Center and a virtual performance series called The Cry Baby Lounge.

“This design was inspired by the community-centered mission of the Get Artistic program that allows artists to flourish and create a better Athens. This piece is diverse, colorful, and quirky, and that’s exactly how I feel about this special town.” —Eli Saragoussi

Eli’s design is also featured on the label for the Get Artistic 2020 beer, an award-winning Berliner Weisse made with Sauvignon Blanc grape juice. Eli’s is the first local artist-designed label on the Get Artistic beer, which will feature a different artist each year. 



Chris Xavier is a digital artist and graphic designer based in Athens, GA. Originally from Southern California, Chris moved to Athens for college in 2016. Some of the things that gets him the most creative are sumo wrestling, rubber hose animation, and fairy tales. They enjoy making detailed artwork and characters that people would like to meet. 

“For my design, I wanted to create characters that represented ways to get creative that really looked like a group you’d like to get creative with! The style was inspired by rubber hose animation.” —Chris Xavier



Tex S. Crawford is a self-taught artist who transforms all types of reclaimed materials—such as roofing tin, reclaimed wood, and other rescued treasurers—into a wide array of whimsical creatures, space ships, and all types of art assemblages. He also paints his petrographic visions on all types of found artifacts. Tex uses imagery and radiant colors to embody positivity!

“When I was asked by Creature Comforts to create a design that could be used on a shirt to help raise money for charity, I immediately started sketching and I knew I wanted it to be a giant can creature of some sort, but the first couple sketches weren’t really calling to me. So I took a break to shower and it came to me— like all great ideas do, while showering— and I started thinking about all the Double Feature Creature flicks at the drive-in theaters and matinees [I used to see] when I was kid and it hit me— a giant double headed can creature with my petrographic icons all over it! And so “Double Feature Creature ” was born!” —Tex S. Crawford

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