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We acknowledge the obstacles that independent artists must overcome to promote their creativity, and we wish to help remove as many as we can. As a component of our community impact strategy, we launched the Get Artistic initiative in June 2018 in the hopes of helping sustain the vibrance of Athens, Georgia’s creative community.

While Get Comfortable is focused on helping people survive, Get Artistic is committed to helping others thrive. We believe these outcomes—surviving and thriving—are two halves to a whole, both necessary to foster a healthy community.

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Support Those Who Support Our City

How can you support the businesses who support our city? Take a look, and know there are MANY ways to contribute to this benevolence fund, 100% of which we’ll give away to the nonprofit community at the end of 2020.

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Beer As A Force For Good

Beer as a force for good—a shared sentiment amongst us here at Creature Comforts and our friends at Allagash. So it’s only fitting that we came together to brew a bonus philanthropic beer in 2020, aptly named A Force For Good.

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2020 in Review: Creature’s Community Impact

The global pandemic this year has turned life as we know it upside down. Here’s an overview of the ways we at Creature Comforts adjusted our business and community impact operations to address the unique demands of 2020.

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