Brew For One launched Friday, May 7th! CLICK HERE to learn more.


We acknowledge the obstacles that independent artists must overcome to promote their creativity, and we wish to help remove as many as we can. As a component of our community impact strategy, we launched the Get Artistic initiative in June 2018 in the hopes of helping sustain the vibrance of Athens, Georgia’s creative community.

While Get Comfortable is focused on helping people survive, Get Artistic is committed to helping others thrive. We believe these outcomes—surviving and thriving—are two halves to a whole, both necessary to foster a healthy community.



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CCBC Gallery: Respite by Abby Kacen

How can art help us process tragedy? Artist Abby Kacen explores this in “Respite”, a collection of abstract expressionist paintings on view in the CCBC Gallery through June 20, 2021.

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Brew For One 2021

Brew For One is an effort to do for one what we wish we could do for everyone. This year, we’re locking arms with two local nonprofits, both of whom brought to us the same story of resilience. Learn more about this beer and impact program!

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Making Serving Simple in a Complex World: TEDxUGA 2021

Matt Stevens, our VP of Strategic Impact, had the opportunity to present ‘The Bono Effect: Making Serving Simple in a Complex World’ at TEDxUGA. In this 20-minute talk, Matt shares about his career to simplify service in a complex world.

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