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Program Overview

At Creature Comforts, we believe that investing in individual artists is critical for building a community’s capacity for creative problem-solving. Artists are changemakers positioned to catalyze communities toward a better vision of the future. When communities do not maintain the infrastructure artists need to develop and thrive, communities can miss the value that these changemakers bring to the table.

This residency program aims to support the need expressed by Athens’ creative community for artist-focused professional development. Artists-in-Residence (AiRs) will build on their continuing creative leadership development through the following activities:

  1. Building skills: AiRs will pursue professional development courses/resources throughout the year, supported by their residency stipend and guidance from the Artist-in-Residence Program Advisory Committee.
  2. Creating artwork: AiRs work alongside our staff to create artwork for select beer brand designs and utilize dedicated Creature Comforts taproom space to create artwork for Creature Comforts’ permanent collection.
  3. Leading a community-based project: AiRs work alongside a specially appointed Project Team (comprised of internal and external stakeholders) to develop a community-based creative project such as an event or exhibition.

Founded in 2020, the AiR Program has thus far hosted two local emerging artists as AiRs with project focuses on creative waste reduction/reuse and equitable access for marginalized local creatives, respectively. AiRs worked alongside specially designated Project Teams to develop or contribute to projects in their chosen community contexts (external or internal to Creature Comforts).

Artists will also have opportunities to participate in formal and informal leadership training sessions throughout the year, shadow the curation and installation of art exhibitions in the CCBC Gallery, and assist with coordinating the DIY Fair in August.

How do artists benefit?

We hope that after participating in this program, artists will:

  1. Feel more confident in their creative leadership abilities.
  2. Be equipped to advocate for the role of art in building a thriving community.
  3. Use their artistic practice as a medium for influencing community-wide change efforts.

Artist benefits & compensation:

  1. Stipend: $5,000 plus additional funds per commissioned Creature Comforts beer label.
  2. Access: Creature Comforts will provide artists with a monthly material budget and a dedicated, public-facing creative workspace in the downtown taproom.
  3. Mentorship: Artists will work with Residency Facilitator Madeline Blankenship, who will organize relationship-building lunches with local collaborators, lead 1:1 GiANT Worldwide leadership tool learning sessions, and provide shadowing opportunities with various local community arts initiatives throughout the year.

2022 Application

Interested in being Creature Comforts’ next Artist-in-Residence (AiR)? Let us know! Start by carefully reviewing the full details of this opportunity in the Request for Qualifications. Then, click here to apply online by March 13, 2022!