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AiR Overview

We believe that investing in individual artists is critical for building a community’s capacity for creative problem-solving. Leveraging our unique position to create high-impact development opportunities for local artists, we launched the Artist-in-Residence (AiR) Program in the summer of 2020.

Creature Comforts selects an Athens-based artist to serve for 3 months as an Artist-in-Residence. The residency addresses 4 creative objectives:

  1. Commission: AiRs work alongside our staff to create artwork for Creature Comforts’ permanent collection or select brand designs.
  2. Collaboration: AiRs work alongside a specially appointed Project Team to develop a community-focused creative project, such as an event or exhibition.
  3. Live Sessions: AiRs utilize dedicated taproom space to both create artwork and connect with employees and guests.
  4. Storytelling: AiRs document their residency, turning their ongoing work into blog posts and social media pieces

How do artists benefit?

In tandem with the Get Artistic mission to strengthen Athens, Georgia’s creative community, the AiR program develops an individual artist’s professional skills through their creative deliverables as well as enrollment in an artist-focused certificate program prior to the start of their residency.

In addition to access to workspace and materials for the duration of their residency, artists receive a $5,000 stipend to support their work and to cover the full tuition of their certificate program.