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“Making residents happier is a few levels up the Maslowian hierarchy. But it makes sense that cities
want to shoot for it, since residents who are happier with their city are more likely
to be attached, and attached residents are more likely to get involved.”
-Melody Warnick, This is Where You Belong


Grants Overview

Every year, Get Artistic selects and funds grant proposals that contribute to the vibrancy of Athens’ creative community. Since launching in June 2018, the program has disbursed more than $62,766 in unrestricted grants to support agencies and artists who serve the Athens area. These grants are funded primarily through sales generated from specific beer brands, merchandise, events, as well as a percentage of onsite exhibition sales, and they are distributed to three different types of recipients: 

  1. Individual Artists: Local creatives of all mediums, whether working in association with a gallery or freelancing
  2. Arts-Related Nonprofits: 501(c)3 organizations who either produce art (e.g., Town & Gown, Ciné) or support the local creative community through agency programming (ATHICA, Nuçi’s Space)
  3. DIY Creatives: Art collectives who operate without fiscal sponsorship (e.g., The Pity Party, tinyATH)
    • DIY support is a unique ‘offshoot’ of our main grant program. Click here to learn more about this special initiative.


2020 Grant Recipients

Grants awarded every year go primarily to arts-related nonprofits and individual artists. (Click here to learn more about our unique DIY Fund.) During each Get Artistic season of emphasis, we stand by these artists and agencies as partners in the community. Specifically, the grant recipients listed below were selected by the consensus of representatives from Athens’ public and cultural institutions, having reviewed our request for proposals issued prior to the 2020 Get Artistic season.

100% of Get Artistic profits then flow back to these partners in the form of unrestricted grants, thereby expanding their capacity and boosting, we hope, your attachment to Athens, GA. Learn more, ask questions, or get involved.