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“If you are trying to build a community, you need the arts at the community development table.”
-Jason Schupbach, Former Director of the National Endowment for the Arts


The Mission

Place attachment theory—describing the emotional bond between a person and a place—suggests that the more an individual comes to love their city, the greater their eventual civic engagement. Studies show that this phenomenon has both well-defined inputs and outputs, one predictor of place attachment being a thriving creative economy (scroll down to learn more).

Using Clarke County’s 20-Year Action Agenda as our guide, Get Artistic is a community development program designed to foster place attachment by investing in our creative industries.

A year-round program with a seasonal emphasis—typically in early fall—Get Artistic supports the local arts community through the following outlets:

  1. Time: Participating in arts advocacy forums: CREATE Athens; Athens Cultural Affairs Commission; Georgia Council for the Arts
  2. Space: Curating onsite exhibitions, performances, and arts enrichment
  3. Money: Acting as a patron and grantmaker to support nonprofit and public arts programming, as well as the professional development of individual artists

Since the program’s earliest beginnings in 2017, we’ve mobilized $222,106 to help artists thrive in the Athens community. $63,766 of that has been disbursed through our grant program, which you can read about here.


The Calendar