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Come out. Drink up. Do good.

We’re excited to announce the 2020 campaign of our flagship community outreach program, Get Comfortable, will kick off on February 5 in the Athens Tasting Room and on February 9 at Kimball House in Atlanta. Get Comfortable merchandise, as well as the Get Comfortable collaboration beer with Allagash Brewing Company, will be available at both events. 

Creature Comforts created Get Comfortable in 2015 with the goal of making serving simple for its customers and fellow businesses. The program works to align the business community to resource the agencies meeting the community’s most pressing needs. Through a rigorous vetting process as well as the direction of an advisory council of community stakeholders, the campaign selected nine organizations to spotlight and support throughout 2020.

“I recently heard it said that a community can be ‘program rich but system poor,’ meaning there may be a surplus of philanthropic solutions, but a lack of alignment—and therefore, uncertain results,” said Matt Stevens, Creature Comforts’ Vice President of Strategic Impact. “Get Comfortable endeavors to bring corporate philanthropy efforts into alignment—to concentrate and channel as many resources as possible into the programs the needs-assessment data suggest are meeting our greatest needs.

“Seldom do the public, private, and nonprofit sectors come together, compare notes, and execute a unified strategy. But we need one another: we need both the guidance of local leadership and generous businesses to propel social innovation,” Stevens said. 

This year, Creature Comforts is partnering with Allagash Brewing Company. As a certified B Corporation who gives back 1-percent of all its sales, Allagash is committed to its local community, making it a natural  Get Comfortable collaborator. With the intent of leaning into Allagash’s expertise in brewing Belgian-style beers—as well as highlighting a shared love of hops—the partners are working on a juicy, fruity Belgian IPA at 6.6-percent ABV. The beer will feature Topaz and Comet hops in addition to local wheat sourced from both breweries’ communities.

“We’re super excited to partner with a like-minded brewery in Creature Comforts—who puts a high priority on giving back locally,” said Rob Tod, Allagash Brewing Co. Founder. “They’re spot on in their belief that by working together, we can make an even greater impact. Cheers to using beer as a force for good.”

Get Comfortable 2020 will be a year-round campaign with a pronounced season of emphasis taking place February 5 through April 15, during which the brewery will donate 100-percent of its Wednesday taproom profits towards the Get Comfortable fund. Additionally, 100-percent of the profits from the collaboration beer sales and Get Comfortable merchandise will go back into the fund, as will proceeds from any related events. 

Come out. Drink up. Do good. #GetComfortable