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“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”
African Proverb


Get Comfortable : What is it?


Inspired by Effective Altruism, aligning philanthropic resources through Get Comfortable leads to greater communication, stronger partnerships, fewer silos, less replication, and the concentration of funding around our community’s most pressing needs.

  1. SIMPLICITY: We do the legwork of social innovation so you don’t have to. This is serving made simple.
  2. DIVERSIFICATION: Like a Mutual Fund Manager, the Get Comfortable method applies your giving across the most critical impact areas—which change every few years—distributing them amongst relief, rehabilitation, and development efforts.
  3. CAMARADERIE: Joining this initiative connects you to not only its advisors and agencies, but also to like-minded companies, which looks like:
    • monthly 1st Friday gatherings in the Creature Comforts taproom—your first beer’s on us!
    • newsletters containing stories, stats, and upcoming dates
    • VIP invitations to launch and celebration events
  4. CONFIDENCE: Even generous companies occasionally fail to hit their intended target. But we want philanthropists to feel confident that their giving is employed where it will matter the most.

DID YOU KNOW? Get Comfortable has garnered the attention of academics, practitioners, and certification boards over the years—not to mention the friendly folks at UGA—each espousing its innovations on philanthropy.



The Assets


POINT OF PURCHASE: To make serving simple, the campaign will design and print select POP assets free of charge—e.g., posters, postcards, table tents—to help your business tell this story.

WEBSITE: Business contributors are featured on the partner pages—depending on whether they are Athens- or Atlanta-based companies—as well as the participation summary.

GET INVOLVED CARD: Here’s an overview of how many business partners structure their donations.

SELL SHEET: This deliverable summarizes the specifics of the annual beer collaboration—which in 2021 is with Sierra Nevada.
Note: Sell sheets are probably most applicable to retail partners.

MAKING SERVING SIMPLE: This program overview is prominently featured in the Creature Comforts taproom during the season of emphasis (February – April). Here is the Atlanta version.

CELEBRATION CARD: This feature is distributed at the close of the program, celebrating the 2021 stats, stories, and contributors.



Next Steps