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Because we believe good companies are good neighbors, we are constantly looking for new ways to serve our city in a personal, if not whimsical way.

Our first outing in the express name of neighborliness took place on April 23rd—which, if you didn’t know, is World Book Day, dedicated to a spirit of scholarship and the legacies of several great writers who have died on this date (e.g., Miguel de Cervantes and William Shakespeare).

Coupling our values of curiosity and community, our staff spent several weeks collecting books from our personal libraries and filling in the gaps through purchases at our two local ReStores. And after mapping out 15 Little Free Library locations across five neighborhoods, our staff spent the morning helping to restock these brilliant bastions of continuing education, some of our favorites being the ones at beloved local businesses like Hendershots, Jittery Joe’s, Avid Bookshop, and Marti’s at Midday. (Thanks for the lemonade, Marti!)

Feel free to track the new hashtag across each of our social media platforms: here, here, and here. And be looking for a new act of neighborly love next month. #GetNeighborly