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Drink Up + Do Good this Season: Table Beer is now a Philanthropic Brand!

Table Beer is meant to be enjoyed amongst friends around the dinner table—the perfect November release, traditionally a season filled with food, family, plenty, and celebration.

But as we enjoy the gatherings and the bounty, it’s important to remember that not all individuals have the same luxury. There is often someone working hard behind the scenes to serve us, and then there are those across our state who are struggling instead of celebrating.

As we step into a season of gratitude, we want to lend support to those in our industry and community, especially as we consider the additional strain brought on by a global pandemic.

Starting in 2020, and every year moving forward, all profits from Table Beer will benefit Giving Kitchen, a nonprofit that provides emergency assistance to food service workers through financial support and a network of community resources.

“Table Beer has long been a favorite season of mine,” said Matt Stevens, Vice President of Strategic Impact. “Given its original concept as a beer designed to pair with food, add to it our longtime partnership with Giving Kitchen, then throw in a global pandemic which has been devastating to the foodservice industry, it just made sense to integrate this beer with our other community impact programming.

“We are excited to enhance the already rich story of Table Beer, as well as to shine a spotlight on the great work of Giving Kitchen.”

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