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Happy B Corp Month!

If you didn’t know already, along with all the wonderful things to celebrate this month, it’s also B Corp Month! We are among 4,000+ businesses around the world dedicated to using business as a force for good! In celebration, we asked some of Creature Comforts employees why they’re proud to work for a Certified B Corp.

Julia Penning
Employee Engagement Coordinator

“I like working for a B Corp because the company is working to improve things for our people, our community and the planet. It’s a reminder to me that we should all be making forward progress to help others in our everyday lives.”

Jacob Yarbrough
Sustainability Manager

“I like working for a B Corp because it gives a blueprint for substantive improvement beyond financial motivations that drive most companies.”

Ally Hellenga
Community Manager

“I like working for a B Corporation because I have a desire to protect the planet, improve my community and ultimately, better the lives of those around me. Every day at Creature Comforts, I know that we’re working to build a business that values the environment, our community, and builds equity. For that alignment of values, it makes me so thrilled to work for a Certified B Corp.”

Matthew Stevens
Sr. Director of Strategic Impact

“I like working for a B Corp because I’ve always known that business can be a force for good in the world, and I’m delighted to have landed at a company who takes this call to serve so seriously.”

Madeline Blankenship
Hospitality Manager

“I like working for a B Corp because it signifies our commitment to making the world a better place through our business–with rigorous, objective accountability and a clear road map for progress ahead of us.”

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