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Did you know that a thriving creative economy lends itself to good citizenship? And we want you to love your city, Creatures! So we created the Get Artistic Local Arts Booster (LAB) to help you purchase (or subsidize) local art. 

As of Wednesday, 11/18/2020, all available LAB funding for 2020 has been exhausted. Since we launched LAB in October 2020, 18 Creatures generated $10,720 in collective impact for their arts communities— 90% of which was offset by LAB funding, directly supporting 13 different artists from Athens to Savannah. Cheers to our Creatures living our value of Crave Curiosity and investing in their local artists!

Keep an eye on this page to see updates in 2021.

How it works:
  1. Very important: Before purchasing a piece of local art, an employee seeking LAB funds submits a purchase proposal (see details below).
  2. Proposals are reviewed one week at a time. If your proposal is timelyplease Slack or email Madeline Bates, Community Specialist.
  3. If approved, the applicant will receive an email containing detailed reimbursement instructions. 
  4. If a proposal is NOT approved, for whatever reason, an explanation will be provided.

Again, please await an approval BEFORE purchasing the proposed item!

To submit your proposal, you’ll need to gather the following information: 
  1. The type of artwork you wish to purchase. Choices on the form include: painting or drawing; photo or print; sculpture; ceramics; mixed media; record or musical album; book or literary text; live experience. If your work falls outside of those parameters, you’ll select “Other” and provide further explanation.
  2. If the purchase is a physical work of art, provide its dimensions.
  3. In 2-3 sentences, provide any specifics about the proposed piece and why you have selected it. Is it a commissioned work? What is its title? What is the date of the performance?
  4. Provide a website or social media page with more information about the artist and/or the particular product.
  5. Finally, upload a screenshot of the proposed artwork.


LAB was designed to enhance the employee experience here while investing in the local creative economy—an important contributor to place attachment. Check out the artwork procured by Creatures through LAB this year!


Recently, with help from LAB, Chris Skinner commissioned an original piece of art from fellow Creature, Gunnar Tarsa. This piece is a part of Gunnar’s “Mind Matter” series, which gave rise to the name of the delicious hazy session IPA released in October featuring Gunnar’s artwork.


Home is where the ART is! Recently, Kami Kotas purchased this David Hale painting with help from the Get Artistic Local Arts Booster (LAB). Kami says, “I adore the message (“Love isn’t love until you give it away”), especially this year with everything going on in our country and the world.” Cheers to that, Kami!


Supported by LAB, Sara Maya commissioned a family portrait—Griffin Hans, Sara, and Bodhi Pancake—painted by local artist Eli Saragoussi, who designed this year’s Get Artistic beer label!


Esther supported two local artists for a new sort of LAB project: a tattoo! Esther was tattooed by Lydia Kinsey (Pink Goblin Tattoo) with a design by our very own Gunnar Tarsa. Esther says, “I’m thankful and honored that Creature Comforts granted me this opportunity to support my friends Gunnar and Lydia. I get to carry this with me for the rest of my life.” Thanks for supporting local artists, Esther!


Kevin Stipek purchased this oil painting by Denise Jennings that was recently exhibited at the UGA Botanical Gardens. Kevin says, “It is a still life of daffodils, which are common but beautiful in how they herald the end of winter.” Thanks for sharing, Kevin!


Ally Hellenga commissioned a series of three botanical drawings by Eileen Schaeffer. Ally says, “I always go to nature to relax and Eileen’s work reminds me to take a breath, re-center myself, and move forward. An even cooler tie is that she designed the label for CCBC’s Tastes Like Flowers. [This series is] an awesome nod to my passion for the outdoors and also my love for Creature Comforts.” Thanks for sharing, Ally!


Julia purchased this mixed media painting by local artist Mallory Moye. Julia says, “[Charlotte is] a precious pig from Sweet Olive Farm (animal rescue) in Winterville, GA. My favorite color is periwinkle (and it jumps out to me in the painting) and I can’t help but smile every time I see it and think of the life Charlotte now enjoys on the farm.” Cheers, Julia!


Olga commissioned this marker and ink portrait of her with her poodle, Po, by artist Sophia Eldridge. Olga was going for something “a little psychedelic, even metal.” Thanks for sharing, Olga!


Trevor commissioned this unique drawing by fellow Creature, Gunnar Tarsa. The piece is a representation of their friendship grown working together over the last year. Trevor says: “Gunnar and I have spent a lot of time together through the COVID experience. We co-managed a drive thru team, and lived the assistant manager experience managing people’s concerns, fears, and hopes… I basically just wanted him to create something really without my guidance that encapsulates how our relationship has grown through this whole time in our lives together. So [it’s] full of inside jokes, Easter eggs, and metaphorical characters regarding the last year.” Thanks so much for sharing, Trevor!