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In a year when connecting is more challenging—and more rewarding—than ever, nothing beats your local farmers market. Since September, Creatures have been eligible to claim $10 in tokens each week to spend at the Athens Farmers Market on Saturdays at Bishop Park. While we’re missing the Wednesday markets in the Snow Tire courtyard, we hope this is the next best way to encourage Creatures to connect with our local growers and makers.

‘Tis the season for Thanksgiving, so we invited a few Creatures to show these local suppliers some love by sharing a few favorite dishes they’ve made using AFM ingredients!

Quick note: You have one more chance to stock up on local produce, pasta, meats, and flowers before Thanksgiving at AFM’s special Thanksgiving Market this Wednesday at Heirloom (11 AM – 2 PM). But don’t worry, the Athens Farmers Market continues through December 19 this year!

Deanna Patrick

16 years working in the bar business leaves very few nights for sit-down dinner-dates, or time for a good, healthy, evening meal. However, what it does allow, is time in the morning for preparing a proper breakfast. The slow down enjoyment of chopping fresh, local veggies on my custom-made cutting board by Grands Designs while sipping my favorite Creature beer in one hand and 1000 Faces coffee in the other, soothes my soul. My signature creation is “breakfast salad.” A great way to start the day with any and every fresh veggie I can get my hands on, sautéed, and put on a bed of fresh greens. Topped with a little cheese, local egg, and my favorite, fresh sprouts. Voilá! Breakfast salad. Best accompanied by your favorite Creature beer, your pup, and certainly your favorite person to share it all with. Thanks Athens Farmers Market for supplying me over the past several months with all of my breakfast salad favorites!

Laura Patton

Throughout the past few months that the AFM has been open, I’ve been able to get a lot of incredible produce and handmade goods. My most frequent purchase are greens and vegetables from any and all of the farm vendors. I’ve created a lot of salads using the greens. I’ve also purchased flowers from R&R secret farm. 

My other part time job is helping Grands Designs, the woodworking team featured a AFM in their shop and at markets. The last photo shows my happy helper, Kiwi, selling some locally sourced, handcrafted cutting and serving boards.

Laura's dish!

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Rob Schuetz

One of Lisabeth’s and my favorite things is to get foods at the farmer’s market that we don’t normally see at the grocery store. We usually like to go for things that we can make into different appetizers or sides for our meals. One of our favorites is blistered Shishito peppers drizzled with olive oil and sea salt. Rather than heating up our cast iron skillet inside and likely setting off our smoke alarm, we like to pre-heat a grill pan outside to blister the peppers without any mess.

Katie Boyle

I enjoy getting to see all our friendly farmers every week and learning how they’d recommend cooking something. I’m also really grateful that CCBC has expanded our tokens to $10 each week. It really helps me out!

This photo features my imitation of a really yummy Power Lunch I had from the National. Miso-glazed turnips and their greens, lions mane mushrooms in butter, sautéed carrot tops, sautéed okra and tomatoes, quinoa and roasted chickpeas on kale with a turmeric vinaigrette, microgreens, and some jammy eggs (plop them in boiling water for 6 and a half minutes and you’re golden). I was pretty proud of this meal since there was zero waste and it was really filling.

Madeline Bates

I’ve always loved going to the farmers market, but in the past I’ve found it a little hard to make it there in time on Saturday morning. Since this summer, though, I’ve barely missed a week! The farmers market now really defines the start to Saturday for my husband and I. The everything bagels from Enos are honestly our motivation to get out of bed in the morning! We love stocking up on affordable produce basics like greens and carrots at the market, but also trying weird new radishes and other things we wouldn’t think to get from Kroger. And, maybe most of all, we  savor the opportunity to casually run into people we don’t otherwise get to see due to the pandemic. I’m so grateful for our farmers and all the folks who bring the AFM to life every week!