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How to serve a city?

Our team aspired to add value to our city before we’d ever brewed a drop of beer. 3 years later, our community impact programming sometimes looks like raising money to combat hunger, poverty, and homelessness, and other times like creating exhibition and enrichment opportunities for our local arts community. We’re still learning and expanding, but whatever lay ahead, we hope our city is better off because we’re here.

What's on tap

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Southern Mill Ribbon Cutting

With sustainability as a major focus in our equipment selection and plant design, our new facility gives us the controls to make high quality beer exactly the way we want, with better shelf stability and with much greater efficiency. Every system has been upgraded from water treatment to boilers all the way through to packaging.

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Get Artistic Launch

We’re days away from initiating our second community impact brand, Get Artistic. Similar to Get Comfortable, this program will be supported through program-related merchandise, as well as a seasonal release—a tart wheat beer brewed with Sauvignon Blanc grape juice, a nod to the common provision of white wine at art gallery openings.

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Lyft + Get Comfortable

You can now drink and travel responsibly. Starting today, Lyft will donate $1 from every ride beginning or ending at Creature Comforts to its annual Get Comfortable campaign, which helps to resource the agencies meeting the community’s most pressing needs. Make all your travel plans…philanthropic!

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