Click to contribute using VENMO! Just specify GET COMFORTABLE, GET ARTISTIC, or BREW FOR ONE in the memo line. If Venmo requests a PIN, use 9273.

Good companies = good citizens

Every company should have a plan to support the city they love. For us, this plan takes the form of our three community impact initiatives. Get Comfortable is all about helping people survive; Get Artistic about helping them thrive. Two halves to a whole—both necessary to foster a happy & healthy community. Finally, Brew For One, our newest impact program, was created in 2020 to help us do for one what we wish we could do for everyone.

In the News

COVID-19 and Get Comfortable 2020

No matter the circumstances, we want to continue our support to Get Comfortable agency partners. They are, by definition of the program, already meeting the most pressing needs in our city. And now even more so.

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Supporting Our Partners During Difficult Times

Whether it’s volunteering your time, offering financial support, or writing an encouraging note, there are many ways to assist the organizations serving Athens’ and DeKalb’s most vulnerable populations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Support the City You Love…on Venmo!

We’ve launched a Venmo account (@creaturecomforts) to help Get Comfortable, Get Artistic, and Brew For One go further faster! This is just another quick, easy and NEW way we’re making serving simple.

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