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How to serve a city?

Our team sought to add value to our city before we’d ever brewed any beer. 4 years later, our community impact work sometimes looks like raising money to resource remarkable nonprofit agencies, and other times like creating exhibition space and enrichment opportunities for our local arts community. We’re still learning and expanding, but whatever lay ahead, we hope our city is better off because we’re here.

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Help Us Help Athens

The question we’ve been getting a lot since launching ‘Get Comfortable’ is: “I see the list of business partners, but how can I support them?” Click here to take a look, and just know there are MANY ways your dollars can find their way into this benevolence fund, 100% of which we’ll give away to the nonprofit community at the end of 2018.

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David Hale’s Vessel Exhibition

David Hale is a Georgia-born, Athens-based artist working under his studio name, Love Hawk. Though he is best known for his tattooing practice, Hale has shifted his focus to painting and printmaking over the last year. The paintings on view this month are all new, most created between April and June 2018.

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Southern Mill Ribbon Cutting

With sustainability as a major focus in our equipment selection and plant design, our new facility gives us the controls to make high quality beer exactly the way we want, with better shelf stability and with much greater efficiency. Every system has been upgraded from water treatment to boilers all the way through to packaging.

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