Get Artistic 2021 launched Friday, August 20th! CLICK HERE to learn more.

Good companies = good citizens

Every company should have a plan to support the city they love. For us, this plan takes the form of our three community impact initiatives. Get Comfortable is all about helping people survive; Get Artistic about helping them thrive. Two halves to a whole—both necessary to foster a happy & healthy community. Finally, Brew For One, our newest impact program, was created in 2020 to help us do for one what we wish we could do for everyone.

In the News

Athena: Dayspring Edition – Q&A on the Local Farm to Beer Partnership

For the past seven years, Creature has utilized locally grown grain for various small batch and limited release beers. Beginning this past summer, we have further embraced this collaboration, now ​​partnering with DaySpring Farms to source locally grown wheat to brew Athena.

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Q&A: What Does it Mean to be a B Corp?

We are beyond excited to share that Creature Comforts has officially been certified as a B Corporation (B Corp)! Check out our Q&A with Community Manager Ally Hellenga if you’re curious to learn more about B Corp and why we pursued the certification.

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Get Artistic 2021

Complex problems demand creative solutions. But creative professionals don’t often have the support they need to contribute to community-wide change. Get Artistic seeks to strengthen Athens, GA’s creative community to empower artists to be the change they want to see in their community.

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