Our 2022-2023 Get Comfortable campaign launches on February 8th! Click here to learn more.

Good companies = good citizens

Every company should have a plan to support the city they love. For us, this plan takes the form of our three community initiatives. Get Comfortable is designed to address our city’s most pressing needs; Get Artistic works to empower local artists; Brew For One is a chance to do for one what we wish we could do for everyone.

In the News

Support Those Who Support Our City

How can you support the businesses who support our city? Take a look, and know there are MANY ways to contribute to this benevolence fund, 100% of which we’ll give away to the nonprofit community throughout 2022.

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Celebrating Another Year of Get Comfortable

We wrapped the 2021 season of our Get Comfortable campaign on December 8th. This year’s campaign generated $345,606.98 for our eight agency partners in Athens and for our four agency partners in Atlanta.

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A Force For Good is Back

Beer as a force for good—a shared sentiment amongst us here at Creature Comforts and our friends at Sierra Nevada. So, it’s only fitting that we came together to brew yet another philanthropic beer benefitting Get Comfortable.

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